Why use motorcycle windshield?


The windshield can be installed from a regular installa […]

The windshield can be installed from a regular installation model, and can also be installed from the rear as required. It seems that some riders are not aware of the purpose of a small transparent plate, but whether it blocks the wind or not, it makes a difference.
There are various types of windshields on the market, but the common point is that the effect increases with the increase in size. Effects include "distribute wind pressure", "prevent stepping stones", "prevent insects" and "prevent rain". The longer the bicycle travels, the greater the physical exertion due to the air resistance caused by wind pressure. In particular, the burden on the face and neck is greater than expected, and driving on the highway is more tiring. Therefore, the presence of the windshield disperses the wind pressure and reduces the air resistance applied to the rider.

The larger the area, the more the wind pressure spreads. Depending on the shape, the airflow itself can be controlled, and the rain from the front can be avoided even in rainy days. It also has the effect of preventing insects from hitting your face, which is useful in summer and night when insects may occur. Of course, a helmet with a face shield has the same effect, but it also reduces the risk of being soiled by rain or insects and poor visibility like a face shield.
Some riders use the Motorcycle Accessories Mould as is, and many riders customize the windshield. Among cyclists who install a windshield for the first time, it is easy to choose a windshield type that does not damage the overall style of the motorcycle, but if there is no effect, there is no meaning to install it.
The key to choosing a windshield is the material. Not only must it withstand wind pressure, but it must also be strong enough to prevent it from cracking and flying away in the unlikely event of a stepping stone. It is also important to choose materials that will not be deformed due to the heat of midsummer. We recommend using a flexible resin material type made of polycarbonate.
Next is the color selection. Usually, transparent color is the basic color, but there are many variations available, such as smoke type, mirror type, and colored type. However, if you are driving at night, you should choose a transparent color to avoid losing your view. On the other hand, if you only drive during the day, you can set it as a smoky type, just like sunglasses. In addition, if the visible light transmittance is 25% or more, it does not meet the safety standard, so it must be confirmed at the time of purchase that it is a product compatible with vehicle inspections.

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