What are the advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle light modification?


Car lights are like human eyes. The original lights of […]

Car lights are like human eyes. The original lights of most cars are unsatisfactory. Many people will modify the lights, especially for Motorcycle Rear taillight Mould who often run at night. It is almost necessary to modify the lights. Today, let’s talk about common ways to modify car lights.

1. Modified xenon bulb
Advantages: easy to install, corresponding to the original halogen bulb, choose the xenon lamp model, the price is cheap, generally around a few hundred yuan, there are various domestic brands, and the current more powerful combination is the Xue Wright bulb + seablue star ballast.
Disadvantages: Since the manufacture of xenon lamps cannot take into account the design of the reflector of each car, the focus is bound to be inaccurate, so that the light diverges, even the low beam will affect the opposite traffic. The color temperature above 6000K has no penetrating power.
2. Modified LED bulb/LED headlight assembly
Advantages: It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, bright and power saving, and the new generation of LED bulbs have low temperature, almost no light decay, and the rare thing is that they start instantly, and they will light up as soon as the power is turned on. .
Disadvantages: Compared with xenon lamps, LED headlights have a slightly lower brightness. Increasing brightness requires higher power, which will also increase some electricity consumption. There are also some requirements for circuit requirements. Some cheap products cannot withstand bumps on the road.
3. Replace the modified headlight assembly
Advantages: The installation is also simple, just replace the original headlights directly, beautiful appearance, and some add angel eyes and lenses.
Disadvantages: Although some domestic and claimed Taiwan-made headlight assemblies have good shapes, the additional lenses are garbage, there are bubbles in the lenses, the efficiency of the reflective bowl is low, and the focus is inaccurate. This results in a narrow illumination range and low brightness. There are serious light spots, and night-time vehicles have serious safety hazards. The installed angel eyes are mostly made of single LED light guide plastic, and the brightness difference is not obvious. There are some large lamp manufacturers' replacement assemblies, such as HELLA and BOSH, which use high-end bifocal lenses. The quality is not good, but the price is unattainable, at every RMB 7,000 or 8,000. , Is not acceptable to ordinary car owners.
4. The headlight assembly of the original car is equipped with a bifocal lens
Advantages: The installation of imported bifocal lenses can achieve the illumination effects of AUDI, BMW, and BENZ, but the price is a fraction of those of these headlight assemblies; users can make a modification plan according to their own requirements and decide whether to install angel eyes, Demon eyes, whether the bottom of the lamp is sprayed black, whether the original high-brightness style is retained; after the lens is installed, the xenon lamp will not diverge and have obvious cutting lines, the irradiation range is large, the brightness is uniform, and the solenoid valve is used to realize the change of the shading plate. One light bulb realizes the change of far and near beams, thereby adding a group of high beams, that is, 4 high beams (cars with independent light bowls), which increases driving safety at night.
Disadvantages: low cost performance and relatively general effect. The reason why the cost performance is low is that there are many choices of common bifocal lens brands. Each lens has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the price is different. It is understood that the more common products are used The lifespan is generally not long, and the effect of cheap refitting is not obvious, and a good bifocal lens is relatively expensive.

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