Is it necessary to install a car mudguard?


Basically, new cars do not have fenders when they leave […]

Basically, new cars do not have fenders when they leave the factory, so after buying a car, should I install fenders? Many friends are entangled in this matter. Whether it is necessary to install Changan A002 fender Mould, you will be clear by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of fenders.
After the mudguard is installed, the mud and sand thrown by the tire will be blocked by the mudguard and will not directly hit the fender and skirt. Because the fender and skirt are prone to damage and corrosion, if there is no mudguard If the tyre is blocked by the board, the larger stone may be rubbed off by the tire, which will easily cause the steel plate to rust and damage.
The second point is that if there is no mudguard, the radiating surface of the dirt thrown by the tire is still very large. It can be thrown all the way to the back door. If the mudguard is installed, there will be some water on the ground when using the car. It's not that when it rains badly, after having the fenders, it will only be thrown to the fender, instead of throwing all the dirt on the door.

Since the door design of many cars is not all-inclusive, part of the SUV is an all-inclusive door, the entire skirt is wrapped, and the skirt is clean when the door is opened. But it’s not an all-inclusive door. The skirt is exposed and there will be a lot of dirty things. When we get off the car, it’s easy to rub on the trouser legs. So after installing the mudguard, it occasionally hits a puddle. When some dirty things are pressed, the splashing water will not make the skirt very dirty, nor will it make the trouser legs dirty.
Although the benefits of the fender are obvious, the disadvantages are also obvious. Because the floor is a plastic plate buckled on the car, you can see a lot of sand in the middle of the fender by breaking the fender a little bit, including the fender. There is also a lot of sand hidden on the inner surface of the board interface, because the plastic needs to be punched when the mudguard is installed, so the sand will accumulate in it for a long time, and it will be wet for a long time, which will accelerate this Corrosion of an area. If the construction is not good when the mudguard is installed, small corrosion points will be formed if the paint surface is damaged, which will rust through after a long time.
Secondly, after the block floor is added, the passability of the car will become lower. Since the lowest point of the fender is lower than the lowest point of the car, the passability becomes lower, especially when walking on bad roads or on the teeth of the road, it is easy to scrape off the fender, like Meow’s rear wheel fender The board is scraped off when reversing, and even the entire bumper is taken out and loosened together, so this is also a big drawback.

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