How to wear a helmet?


When an accident occurs, riding helmets can absorb most […]

When an accident occurs, riding helmets can absorb most of the impact force, play a protective role in buffering and shock absorption, and can reduce the proportion of injured persons by 70% and the mortality rate by 40%. The head injury rate without helmets is The helmet is 2.5 times more fatal than wearing a helmet. For electric car drivers, helmets are equivalent to the seat belts worn by car drivers, and they are the last line of defense when the rider encounters danger. Maybe a helmet can pull you back from the ghost door. Is it safe to wear a helmet casually?
Wearing a helmet is also very important!
1. When wearing a helmet, you must wear a strap. If you do not fasten the strap, or if the strap is too loose, the helmet will bounce out easily and it will not be able to protect it.
2. When choosing a helmet, you should choose a helmet that is the same size as your own head.
For cyclists, helmets are equivalent to the seat belts worn by motor vehicle drivers, and are the last line of defense for people in danger.Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle can prevent 85% of head injuries and greatly reduce the degree of injury and accident mortality. Half helmet riding helmets are divided into road-specific (no brim), road and mountain dual-use (with detachable brim) and so on. Use helmets similar to those used for baseball or roller skating. Full-face riding helmets are similar in shape to motorcycle helmets, and are generally used by downhill or climbing bike enthusiasts.

At the time of the accident, more than half of the Helmet Mould fell off due to failure to properly fasten the buckle straps according to regulations, making the helmet's function unable to perform normally. There were 6 cases where the buckle straps were correctly fastened but the helmet also fell off, and 1/2 of them were worn. Helmets account for 5 pieces. Head injuries without helmets accounted for 67.4%, 2.19 times higher than those with helmets. It can be seen that the effect of wearing helmets is very obvious. In the event of an accident, the proportion of head injuries caused by the helmet falling off is about 1.98 times higher than that of the helmet without falling off, and the death rate is about 4.35 times higher. Therefore, it is very important to fasten the buckle properly to prevent the helmet from falling off in the event of an accident.

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