Womens motorcycle helmets? It is so cool!


Womens motorcycle helmets can be tricky to buy. It may […]

Womens motorcycle helmets can be tricky to buy. It may even be the first helmet you ever bought. Or maybe you've had a helmet for years and you are simply getting tired of it. You may want to experiment with a different design of Helmet Mold or better yet, improve the general fashion profile of your equipment.

Everyone wants a helmet that looks spiffy, but keep in mind the primary goal is to protect your cranium when you crash. Purchase your new motorcycle helmet with safety and protection as the priority. Eradicate from your list any helmets that do not meet DOT (Department of Transportation) standards.

No matter if you purchase online or in a shop, this information will be prominently disclosed and is easy to spot. Search for the DOT sticker on the rear to make certain that the helmet you pick meets the requirements. "Novelty" helmets as they are identified are almost never DOT certified and must for that reason be avoided. As appealing as that skull helmet may be, it isn't going to protect your head as soon as you get into an accident. Fear not though. With all the choices offered today you can get the armor you require and nourish your sense of style at the same time.

The next most important thing when buying a new helmet is proper sizing. Helmets that are too small won’t be comfy, will bring about headaches and can even impair the rider’s vision. Wind gets up inside of a helmet that is too large and this creates terrible neck strain. Why? Because With the chinstrap fastened and secure, the rider must work neck and shoulder muscles to keep her head steady and parallel in order to counteract this wind force.

Properly sized womens motorcycle helmets will fit securely all-around. Aim for a uniform close fit on all sides. Helmets that envelop the whole face shouldn't merely contact the top of the head. They must gently grip the sides of the head, the jaw area and the cheeks. Try the helmet on, strap yourself in and shake your head up and down and from side to side. The helmet shouldn't slide beyond the point to which you move your head when you do this. Instead it should maintain its grasp on your skin and head and generally remain put . With the chin strap secure, grasp the rear of the helmet and pull it up and frontward, trying to pull it off your head. If it comes off, you should search for a smaller size or a different helmet.

So the question is how can you work out this sizing question if you want to get a great deal and buy your helmet online?. Here are a few thoughts. Try on helmets - lots of them - in a nearby store. When you find one that you like and that fits you can look for the best price online. Within a particular model line the sizes ought to be the same so you can enlarge your search to consider price and color once you get back home and online.


Another opportunity is to look for online sites that have sizing charts by helmet brand and model. All you have to do is measure the circumference of your head just over the eyebrows and the chart will tell you which size to buy. Try it out. There are more and more sites offering these sizing charts and they come pretty close for the most part.

Oh and one final word of guidance. Don’t even think about purchasing a second-hand helmet. The padding is compressed to fit someone else, you don't know where its been or what it has endured. A frequently dropped helmet may look fine, but in fact it has lost its ability to provide adequate protection. The safety risk just isn't worth the cost savings. BesidesArticle Search, do you really want someones head sweat in your hair?

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