What are the design ideas for car lamp mold design


It can be said that the parts with high requirements fo […]

It can be said that the parts with high requirements for the appearance of automobiles are the lights, so the requirements for mold design and manufacturing are extremely high. The main parts that make up the front and rear lights of the car are: left and right lenses, left and right decorative frames, left and right lamp housings, and left and right reflectors.

The lateral core-pulling mechanism is an important core structure of the mold.The mold cleverly adopts the inner core-pulling mechanism of "T-slot guide block + oblique inner sliding block", which successfully solves the problem of the transparent part’s lateral parting leaving marks on the surface of the plastic part The problem.

The mold adopts an ordinary pouring system and feeds from a fan-shaped gate tower. Compared with the previous hot runner pouring system, it not only greatly reduces the cost, but also has better light transmittance of the lamp lens.

The mold adopts a combined cooling system of "vertical cooling water pipe + inclined cooling water pipe + spacer water well". The water channels are arranged along the cavity, and the molding cycle is successfully controlled within 35 seconds, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the plastic parts and the labor of the mold. productivity.

The plastic parts are pushed out by pushing blocks, which is not only stable, but also the traces left have no effect on the appearance.

Since the mold was released from production, the movement has been stable and smooth, and all the quality indicators of the plastic parts have reached the design requirements. It is a successful example of the design of large, complex and long-life injection molds.

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