What parts does the pultrusion die consist of?


1. After the reinforcing material is impregnated with r […]

1. After the reinforcing material is impregnated with resin (or while being impregnated) in the pultrusion process of the preforming die, before entering the forming die, it must pass through a preforming die consisting of a set of sand guiding elements. The function of the preforming die is to The dipped reinforcement material is gradually formed into a preform with a shape and size similar to the shape and size of the molding cavity according to the configuration of the profile section, and then enters the molding die, which can ensure that the sand content of the product section is uniform.

2. The ratio of the cross-sectional area of the forming mold to the cross-sectional area of the product should generally be greater than or equal to 10. In order to ensure that the mold has sufficient strength and rigidity, the heat distribution is uniform and stable after heating. The length of the pultrusion die is determined by the traction speed and the curing speed of the resin gel during the molding process to ensure that the product can reach the degree of demoulding and curing when the product is pulled out. Generally, steel is chrome-plated, and the surface of the mold cavity is required to be smooth and wear-resistant, so as to reduce the damage during pultrusion. Frictional resistance and increase the service life of the Automotive Mould.

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