What are the reasons for the color difference in plastic mold processing?


Have we encountered chromatic aberration when using pla […]

Have we encountered chromatic aberration when using plastic automotive mould? In the production and processing of mold injection molding, hot injection molding is one of the more common forming methods. The whole process of injection molding and its finished products are likely to have various problems. There is a problem that has little impact on product characteristics, but greatly affects appearance, that is chromatic aberration. So what aspects will generally affect the chromatic aberration?

1. Color masterbatch is the key element that causes color difference. The color quality of plastic products immediately depends on the quality of the basic color of the masterbatch. The heat resistance, dispersibility, and covering ability of the color masterbatch should not be the index values ​​for detecting the quality of the color masterbatch, and there is immediate contact with the color difference. The selection of high-quality color masterbatch is not only conducive to reducing color difference, but also can improve the comprehensive appearance of injection products.

2. The temperature, working pressure and melting time of the mold injection molding production process will also lead to the problem of color difference. In addition, different batches of ingredients, different machinery and equipment, beer and other processing factors will also affect.

3. Reducing the temperature of the barrel has an impact on the color difference. In the production and manufacturing, it is often encountered that a certain electric heating ring is damaged or invalid or a part of the heating operation cannot be controlled for a long time, resulting in a strong change in the temperature of the barrel and the color difference.

4. Reduce the influence of the adjustment of the injection molding process. When the main parameters of the injection molding process need to be adjusted for non-chromatic reasons, try not to change the injection temperature, condensation type, injection cycle time and color masterbatch addition amount. The influence of the change of the main process parameters on the color, if the color difference is found, it should be adjusted immediately.

5. If the raw material elements have been removed before production, and the color difference is found in the mold injection production, it is only necessary to distinguish the problem of mixing the color masterbatch with the plastic masterbatch. After establishment, it can be adjusted by changing the injection temperature or condensing type. It is much easier to guarantee when you understand the tone trend analysis.

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