What are the precautions for injection mold installation?


1. Preparation before installation Confirm the cooling […]

1. Preparation before installation

Confirm the cooling water circuit. The depth of the screw into the machine board is 1.5-1.8 times the diameter of the screw. If the screwing is insufficient, the teeth will slip easily and the mold may fall. Confirm whether the operators, materials, tools, documents, auxiliary equipment, etc. required for production are complete.

2. Method of hanging mold

When the hanging mold is not level, the mold cavity before and after the installed mold will have different steps. For the production of precision products, there will be poor concentricity, poor step, poor tooth profile accuracy, and poor distance.

When installing the Meltblown cloth mould, we must pay attention to this problem. When the hanging mold enters and closes until the hand can push a small position, stop the mold clamping. Loosen and tighten the lifting ring, using the previous mold as the reference (because the front mold is fixed by the positioning ring), watch the rear mold part, when the level of the front mold is better, the mold cavity position is consistent, continue to close the mold to completion, but do not start the high pressure Great. (The upper mold must be closed for the first time without applying high pressure. After confirming that the mold can be properly closed, the high pressure can be applied).

3. The method of screwing

For molds with a low temperature, that is, a mold temperature below 50 degrees, when the mold is closed to a high pressure start, the front and rear molds can be tightened diagonally. Only 8 screws are required. When the mold temperature is above 50 degrees, do not tighten the screws before the mold temperature reaches. After the mold temperature reaches the high pressure start, tighten the screws diagonally.

The mold material will swell and increase in volume with the increase of temperature. It is more obvious when the mold temperature is high. If the screws are tightened before the temperature rises, it will have a certain impact on the mold life and mold accuracy.

4. Use of attached materials

When the thickness of the mold is not enough, it is necessary to install a template. When the mold temperature is high, try to install a heat shield between the machine plate and the mold. Regardless of whether it is a template or an insulation board, its flatness must be as small as possible.

If the flatness is large, the front and back molds of the mold are not parallel, and there is a difference after the high pressure is closed, which affects the product quality. When the mold temperature reaches the set value, check the actual temperature of the mold and perform a mold thickness adjustment.

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