What are the basic requirements for plastic mold design and manufacturing


The production of industrial products is inseparable fr […]

The production of industrial products is inseparable from molds. Therefore, in order to manufacture good plastic products, we must first have high-quality molds. From the perspective of the plastics processing industry, in order to ensure the quality of the mold and the appropriate price, in the mold design and manufacturing process, the following basic requirements are usually met:

1. High precision: The size and precision of the mold meet the needs of customers, which is the main manifestation of the quality of the mold. Therefore, in the mold design and manufacturing process, in order to ensure the accurate size of the product, the accuracy of the mold should be higher than the accuracy of the product, and it should be implemented in the corresponding design and manufacturing steps.

2. Low cost: Price is always the main factor that customers have to consider. Therefore, it is necessary to choose mold materials, design and manufacturing personnel, and processing methods at an economic price. The cost of the mold is closely related to the material, complexity, structural requirements, size and accuracy requirements, and processing methods of the mold. Although we cannot blindly pursue low prices, we must seek an appropriate and reasonable price. This requires so many factors Next, find a reasonable price balance point, which is a very important point in terms of the understanding of mold cost and the degree of acceptance by customers.

3. Long life: As the mold occupies a larger proportion of the production cost, the longer the life of the mold, the lower the production cost for customers. Therefore, customers all hope that the mold has a long service life, which requires that this must be considered in the design, material selection, production and processing of the mold. Any omission in the link may lead to a shortening of the service life of the mold.

4. Short cycle: Under the premise of ensuring mold quality, mold design and manufacturing time is relatively short, which not only means that customers can put into production faster, and products enter the market earlier, but also mean the mold maker’s corporate management level And the mold manufacturing technology is high, which also saves the cost investment of the mold maker, which is a happy result for everyone.

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