How to improve the development situation of the mold industry


Nowadays, with the continuous development of the mold i […]

Nowadays, with the continuous development of the mold industry, the hexagonal slope protection mold is getting more and more attention. Why is the development of color molds so fast? Previous mold equipment can only produce one specification of the block, the product is single, the shape is single, of course There is no good research on the color, what are the colors of the raw materials, what is the color of the bricks produced. The hexagonal slope protection mold is a special processing of low-cost raw materials such as cement and sand with professional advanced technology. After the mold equipment Ways to produce professional tile making equipment of various tiles. High speed, high precision, high reliability, compounding, intelligence, flexibility, integration and openness are the main development directions of the hexagonal slope protection mold industry today. The biggest highlight of the mold equipment is intelligence. The intelligent content includes all aspects of the equipment: intelligence in pursuit of processing efficiency and processing quality; intelligence in order to improve driving performance and ease of connection; simplifying programming , Intelligent operation, and simplified operation; there are also intelligent human-machine interfaces, as well as intelligent diagnosis and intelligent monitoring. Po mold applies artificial intelligence technology to realize the intelligentization of all links in the product life cycle, the intelligentization of all links in the production process, and the intelligentization of mold equipment.It is also necessary to realize the integration of people and systems and the full play of human intelligence in them. When developing the mold manufacturing system, the concept of "multi-integration" is emphasized, that is, information integration, intelligent integration, serial and parallel working mechanism integration, and personnel integration, which is more suitable for the needs of future manufacturing systems. In the hexagonal slope mold industry, vigorously promote advanced applicable technologies and automated equipment. It is necessary to take a step forward in the transformation and upgrading of mold manufacturing and realize technology and international standards as soon as possible. The transformation and upgrading of hexagonal slope protection molds will definitely drive the optimization of the domestic mold industry, which will lead to the further development of China's mold industry.

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