How to effectively prevent the aging of the mold?


If the plastic mold is placed in an outdoor environment […]

If the plastic mold is placed in an outdoor environment for a long time, it is prone to some fading or chalking, and there may also be some cracking and aging. Relatively speaking, the temperature difference between day and night in different regions will also change, and the humidity in the air Air or moisture and rain and dew will also affect the entire plastic products to varying degrees. Especially in summer, the sun will be very strong and long-term high temperature exposure will accelerate the aging of the entire plastic mold. Therefore, the plastic mold company is in this regard. There is also more prevention.

1. Why sunscreen

If the plastic mold company wants to do a good job related to plastic sun protection, then it must add an aging agent to it, and then make them into a variety of different plastic products, so the coating is still based on other anti-aging plastics. Basically, these aging additives are inseparable.

Changan A002 fender Mould

2. Lightfast colorant

In the actual operation of the plastic mold company, when the product is used outdoors, the outdoor durability of the entire colorant is very important. It is necessary to ensure that the light fastness level of the pigment itself is sufficiently high.

3. Antioxidants

In the existing plastics industry, plastic mold companies basically have a relatively wide range of antioxidants, and appropriate selection and use can effectively capture the anti-aging process.

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