How to distinguish the quality of the mold?


1. The surface of a high-quality mold must have suffici […]

1. The surface of a high-quality mold must have sufficient hardness and must be wear-resistant, so the appropriate material must be selected when opening the mold. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use low-spec materials. Although the same design process is used, although the appearance of the product has not changed much, the use of non-standard materials will still affect its service life and production process. There will be unstable factors, which will affect the quality of the product and affect the interests of customers. Therefore, the customer must be optimistic about the manufacturer's use of materials that meet the specifications during the production process. Don't blindly covet the cheap. As the saying goes, cheap goods are not good. Good goods are not cheap. Cheap things naturally have their shortcomings.

Motorcycle cushion Mold

2. Motorcycle injection mold tells: the polishing of the mold cavity surface must meet the standard, and strive to be smooth, and reduce the surface roughness as much as possible. Generally speaking, a formal and reliable mold opening manufacturer has a good polishing workshop and equipment, which can better ensure its polishing effect. This is also one of the reasons for choosing a large manufacturer. Large manufacturers not only have polishing equipment, but also professional polishing personnel.

3. The mold must have good thermal stability. After the quenching process, its size and before quenching must ensure that there is not much change. This requires the mold processing manufacturer to have strict process requirements, and only in this way can the mold be guaranteed Quality.

In summary, this time the motorcycle injection mold tells some introductions on how to distinguish the quality of the mold. I hope you can learn more through the above introduction.

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