How should the injection mold be maintained?


Automotive Mold are consumables, and different types of […]

Automotive Mold are consumables, and different types of injection molds have different life cycles.

Otherwise, the wear and aging of the injection mold will affect the quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out reasonable and standardized protection for Changzhou injection molds. Although the cost of protection is high, it can make the quality of injection molded products more reliable. So how much influence does injection mold have on product quality? The following is a brief overview of injection mold processing:

If the clamping force is unreasonable, the setting value of the clamping force that is too large will exceed the load of the mold, resulting in mold expansion and injection molding flash; unreasonable mold opening and closing speed, and excessive impact force will damage the injection mold. If the casing parameters are incorrect, the casing will be unevenly stressed or cracked due to instantaneous impact force, and the product will lose deformation; correct low pressure protection settings to avoid mold loss under pressure; do a good job of cleaning the mold to avoid damage to the surface and joints; do a good job Lubrication, rust prevention and basic maintenance work to keep the mold running properly.

It can be seen from the above six points that the timing protection of injection molds is an important measure to ensure product quality. At the same time, the service life of the injection mold can be greatly extended, that is, the investment recovery period can be extended. Imagine if your injection mold dies before its normal useful life and you have to open it from scratch, which means it's not cost-effective.

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