Characteristics of injection molding of automobile front bumper


Automobile bumper is an important part of automobile ac […]

Automobile bumper is an important part of automobile accessories, it can absorb and reduce external impact, protect the human body, and protect the safety device of the occupants. As the material of automobile bumpers changes from metal to plastic, Automotive Accessories Mould occupy a large proportion in the field of injection molding. However, due to the different specifications of automobile bumpers, the molds are constantly replaced, and the downtime of the injection molding machine is long, which affects production.

Efficiency and machine utilization have been difficult to cope with today's market prospects. Demonstration of a quick mold change solution for an injection molding machine for automobile front bumpers. Features of the quick mold change solution for automobile front bumper injection molding machines: easy to install and operate, improve mold change efficiency, and easy to install templates.

For bumper molds of different specifications, you only need to magnetize and clamp the mold, and demagnetize the mold, while the ordinary injection molding machine only needs 3 minutes to change the mold and clamp the mold. Any non-professional person only needs about The operation can be completed in 1 minute. The training time can be skillfully operated, and ordinary mold installers can easily complete the rapid mold change process. Wide range of applications. Great flexibility. It does not need to be suitable for injection molding machines of various specifications. The magnetic template is suitable for molds of any shape, different size and weight. It is not restricted by the standardization of the mold backplane. It can clamp round molds, block molds or molds with square mold backing. Economical and environmentally friendly, no maintenance costs.

The clamping force comes from the permanent magnet material, no electricity is needed during work, and the clamping state is fed back to the host through real-time signals to ensure clamping safety; due to the uniform clamping force of the full contact surface, the mold deforms during the working process And the wear is small, the precision and consistency of the injection molded parts are good, and the service life of the mold is prolonged. There is no actuator around the mold, and the peripheral pipeline is easy to insert.

The system has no mechanical effect on mechanical devices, and no instantaneous power consumption on the electronic control device, so there is no need for maintenance during use, and the service life is extremely long. Large mold capacity.

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